Limerick International Women's Organisation

Our History

Michael Daly, from the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), was responsible for getting the first group of 5 women in contact with each other in 1977. These women were American, German, Hungarian and English and they met informally until the membership slowly grew large enough to form the International Women's Organization.

A lady from the American Women's Club of Dublin offered advice on the formation of such a group. A Constitution was written and the first official meeting was held in September 1980. The Executive Board and the first President, an American Lady named Pierette Garvey, were elected that night.

Originally, the Constitution provided for only International women members. However, in 1982 this was amended to include a maximum of 25% women of Irish nationally. In the many years that the group has been in existence, the membership has been as low as 2 as high as 135. Over the years, the club has grown both in numbers and certainly in the amount of talent that has been shared with everyone.

We have published two IWO Cook Books incorporating many of the recipes we have used in theme lunches as well as family recipes from many members over the years.